Prosecution of core crimes

I would like to start a discussion about how to prosecute core international crimes on a national level before domestic courts. Torture is an integral component of core international crimes ( genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, crime of aggression). Therefore, the fight against torture implies the effective prosecution of these crimes.

Hello Onno,

Thanks for bringing up this topic.

Dear Mr. Quist,
I’m really interested in this topic. What do you think is needed to support and improve the prosecution of these crimes?

Dear Max,

first of all I think it is important to note that the prosecution of these crimes takes places on different levels. First of all on an international level (before ICC, ICTY, ICTR, etc), but as well on a national level in front of domestic courts

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Dear Ada,

thanks for joining the discussion :slight_smile:

Dear Ada,
would you like to introduce yourself?

Let me start to introduce myself.
I’m working in a dutch institute for criminal law. In my work I focus on the entanglement og national and international criminal law.