Category Topics

Inadmissibility of Evidence Tainted by Torture

This forum facilitates the exchange among participants of the project “Inadmissibility of Evidence Tainted by Torture”.

Project Information: ProRPC

This forum facilitates exchange between participants of the Project “Strengthening Procedural rights in Police Custody”. The aim is to strengthen the rights of suspects and accused persons by sharing and disseminating promising practices across the EU.

Open Research Behind Closed Doors

This forum facilitates exchange of participants of the project "Open Research behind Closed Doors: Assessing the impact of Covid-19 measures on persons deprived of liberty with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities

NPM Standards Project

This closed category facilitates exchange of participants of the EU funded NPM project “Working towards harmonized detention standards in the EU - the role of NPMs”.

Community Discussions

This is the place to chat / discuss about anything related to torture and ill-treatment. You may post questions, comments, start a new topic or just introduce yourself to the community.