Music and sound in torture and ill-treatment

Dear Colleagues,
I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I’m a musicologist whose work currently focuses on the musicology of war and violence, and I’ve been active for many years in conducting and promoting work into the uses of music and sound in torture and ill-treatment. I am in the process of establishing a new project, details of which I’ll share in due course, but for the meantime I just wanted to make myself known and available for any questions you may have on this topic. I am also very happy to receive information relating to relevant cases and reports, especially as I’m planning to reboot a previous project to collate these in a database.
Gern auch auf deutsch!
Best wishes
Morag (she/her)

Dr M J Grant, Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh


Brilliant, looking forward to hear more about this project.

Georgiana, from Romania :wink: