Why have we created this NPM forum?

Following-up on the latest NPM study by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights -

“Enhancing impact of National Preventive Mechanisms - Strengthening the follow-up on NPM recommendations in the EU: Strategic development, current pratices and the way forward” (click the title to open it)

and its findings regarding the cooperation with other NPMs, mentioned in chapter 2.5.1. on page 74:

Cooperation among NPMs in Europe has been useful to exchange ideas on common issues of concern, working methods and institutional practices. Multilateral and bilateral exchanges have increased over recent years, including joint workshops, conferences and visits as well as an NPM newsletter to share views on specific challenges encountered. The consulted NPMs recommended extending these and using them to exchange on follow-up procedures as well as comparative measures for the prevention of torture that can inform the development of recommendations and plans for their follow-up and implementation. As personal meetings between NPMs are not always easy to organise and take quite some time they also expressed the need for an online forum for an easy, permanent exchange and documentation of relevant information.

We hope that this NPM forum will help to easily exchange and have fruitful discussions among persons monitoring places of detention!

What do you think? Is it interesting to you to share relevant information, raise questions or exchange on specific topics here in an closed or, if you wish, also open discussion forum?